A Few Notes :

I like the word 'Fugacity'-it does not imply recurrence. Eye & hand moving ahead of the rational faculties.

Drawing implicitly as a means of expressing what escapes me. If it exists it will exist only for the first time: de Kooning's famous 'SLIPPERY GLIMPSE'. The quality of the obsession always more important than presentable results.

Avoiding prefixed notions of what something should resemble & applying one's metier to achieve that end. (Certain procedural preoccupations may appear persistent, these concern line/tone/plane. Nothing new.)

Fugacity means fleeting. Living 'that mercurial existence in the sensitized space between antitheses'. In the act of drawing/painting this space changes continuously & presumes no definite outcome at any point. This becomes that & that becomes this; the imagination always describing its own birth.

For me all is uncertain at all times.

Gerard Bellaart

Notes on technique/materials/sizes of work :

. In his etchings, drawings, paintings, monotypes, Bellaart employs a variety of techniques & materials including oil paint, tempera, charcoal, ink. Supports include handmade paper, canvas & panel.

. Sizes vary from approx., 25 x 38 cm to 120 x 150 cm.

. All images copyright © Gerard Bellaart

. This website selection comprises a small fraction of Bellaart's work between 1998 and 2011. A more extensive selection & prices available on request.

There is no need for art to be democratic, social, socialist or popular.
The idea of being known repels me.
I value my obscurity, I have turned it into a trait.
I possess only one quality; an ideal suspicion of the public.
Felicien Rops